Doorman’s Creek by Lea Schizas

28 Feb


Susan Anderson has been having nightmares.

Her husband, dead by Doorman’s Creek and a strange man dressed in black watching her through the trees. She doesn’t know why the dreams frighten her so much, or who the man in black is, but there is something about Doorman’s Creek that frightens her. They say that old Mr. Doorman still roams the forest, though Susan is sure this is just an urban legend.

Her son, Kyle, is drawn to the Cave by mysterious forces. His friends Shawn and Bradley feel the same way; something is drawing them to the Cave but they don’t know what it is. They only know that they must go to it, that they must follow their impulses even if they have no explanation.

They all know the story of Doorman’s Creek. Years ago, two girls were found dead with bite marks on their necks. They were placed side by side, as if they were a sacrifice. The town suspected Old Man Doorman as he had a passion for vampires and information about the unusual. Claiming he was innocent, Doorman disappeared and a killer was never found.

The boys know the stories, the rumors, but still they are drawn to the cave. It is as if something is calling them. Shawn, Bradley and Kyle head for the cave, not knowing that finding it will change their lives forever; for when the arrive, they find a skeleton that was buried in the cave floor.

Soon there are reports of missing girls about town. The boys suspect that a killer is on the lose, the same serial killer that killed the two girls years before. They return to the cave to explore further, digging around the skeleton to see if they can find another. The feeling that they are being watched is stronger and more powerful, but only Kyle really feels it. He knows this is what he was led to the cave at Doorman’s Creek to do, knows that they were meant to find the skeleton.

When the bones of the skeleton start glowing, however, and Kyle has a vision of a woman running away, frightened for her life, from someone that Kyle can’t see, and Kyle knows they have done more than find a long dead woman.

They have released evil…

Doorman’s Creek by Lea Schizas has to be one of the best books I have ever read, period. Part mystery, part paranormal thriller, Doorman’s Creek is an incredible read that starts with a bang and just keeps going. From the moment the novel starts, you’re taken on a whirlwind of secrets, murder, sacrifice and death that just gets better with every page.

I can’t say enough good things about this book. Doorman’s Creek had me gripped from the first word right up until its incredibly unexpected ending. This novel is just simply fantastic. I’ve read a lot of thrillers, especially ones with a paranormal bent, so to read one that was so fresh, one that took chances, was very refreshing.

The characters were real, alive and I felt like I knew them. There are no cardboard cut out people here. What I love most about Schizas’ characters is that their human, their real people. She even has the dialogue of teenage boys down pat which is no easy feat, believe me. Susan and Richard are incredible characters with flaws and depth that make them all the more enjoyable.

What I love most about this book is the story, the writing. Schizas manages to never let the story lag for a minute, not an easy task for any author. This book was one hell of a thrill ride and I look forward to any new releases by Schizas with anticipation. Doorman’s Creek was un-put-downable and one hell of a book.

If you have yet to visit Doorman’s Creek, what are you waiting for?

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