Hunted by Kelley Armstrong

28 Feb


In the fifth installment of the best selling “Women of the Otherworld” series, we are treated to a new narrator. Armstrong, who never does the same thing twice, gave us a Werewolf as the narrator for the first two books in the series: “Bitten” and ”Stolen.“ Then she switched focus to a Witch in “Dime Store Magic” and “Industrial Magic.“ Now, the focus changes once more and in ”Haunted,“ we are introduced to Eve Levine: former witch and supernatural super power, now a ghost.

Eve Levine first appeared in “Industrial Magic,“ but now we get to know Eve better, up close and personalAs a dead witch, Eve still holds a lot of power. Part demon, part human, there isn’t a lot that can phase Eve; except of course the inability to speak with her daughter, Savannah. Not being able to be with her daughter on the mortal plane, to hold her and comfort her, is a constant reminder of the life she leads.

Still, she is able to look in on her from time to time. Eve’s world is turned upside down when she is summoned by the Fates. They want to call in a favour she owes them; previously, the Fates helped save Paige and Lucas, Savannah’s guardians, from death. Now they want Eve to repay the favour.

The Fates need Eve’s help with catching the Nix, a demi-demon who inhabits the bodies of people on the verge of killing. The Nix gives those people that added push in order to help them carry out murder. Where there is murder, there is chaos, the stuff that the Nix thrives on. The Nix escaped her afterlife hell after centuries of confinement. She is out in the world again and will kill soon.

Eve agrees, never one to let a promise slide. But things are going to be more difficult than she could have imagined. She is given some help on her quest to find the Nix, however, in the form of an angel. Together, they must find the Nix before she kills again. Eve’s world will never be the same.

For the Nix knows that someone is on her trail and will strike at all and everyone that Eve holds dear!Each book in the series can be read as a stand alone novel, but the connections are there in each novel to connect the series.

While you may think that the change of narrator from book to book may be difficult to keep up with, it’s far from jarring. In fact, that’s what keeps the series so fresh and new. We’re introduced to different characters in each of the books, only to have them pop up with their own story.

Paige Winterbourne, for example, first made an appearance in “Stolen” only to later appear in “Dime Store Magic.“ The change in narrator gives us a chance to delve into other characters’ minds and gives us a better impression of how far and wide the Otherworld stretches. Each novel gives us a different perspective on the Otherworld, seeing it through different eyes.

“Haunted” is, by far, the best of the series so far. My plot summary barely scratched the surface on the fantastic and amazing things that go on within the pages. It is a supernatural thrill ride, a ghost love story and a white knuckled thriller that keeps you in suspense until the last page.

An amazing addition to the “Women of the Otherworld” series, “Haunted” shows us a world that we cannot begin to imagine and which we will never want to leave.


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