It Had To Be Us by Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence

28 Feb



What would you do for love?

After a marriage filled with hard times and harsh words, Harry and Elizabeth have been divorced for nearly twenty four years. One Christmas, they meet at their daughters, not knowing that they are both about to receive the best Christmas present of all: a lost love.

It has been nineteen years since they had seen each other and both Harry and Elizabeth are nervous at the prospect of meeting again. What will she think of me? Harry ponders. Does he still have feelings for me? Elizabeth muses. The two share an embrace that Christmas that starts a fire under the old feelings that are bubbling to the surface.

Another year goes by befor ethey see each other again and this time, the love they shared for each other is strong and neither can deny that it’s there. The walls they had put up to guard themselves against the feelings they were feeling were crumbling. Despite nervousness, the two agree to go to a movie on New Years Day and there, more of the old feelings come to light.

Later in the year, the two decide to go to Las Vagas together for the opening of the Debbie Reynolds museum. Little do they know that, in Las Vagas, their lives will change forever….

What can I say about IT HAD TO BE US except that it makes my heart sing? I have been a lover of romance novels for a long time but there is something in the realness of this true story that outshines all of those. IT HAD TO BE US is better than any novel by Nora Roberts because the love is real, it isn’t fiction. Harry and Elizabeth let their love for each other bloom again despite the years and hard feelings between them.

IT HAD TO BE US is the ultimate story of forgiveness, of letting yourself love again. I especially loved the way it was written with Elizabeth in first person and Harry writing in third person. The contrasting styles helped give the characters their own voices and their honest let you see right into them, let you love and breathe along with them. Thoug though this novellete is short (clocking in at a mere 56 pages) it packs quite the punch. I found myself thinking of past love and new love.

IT HAD TO BE US actually touched me, actually got under my skin and made me feel. It’s a rare accomplishment for an author to make their reader feel; Harry and Elizabeth accomplished this with aplomb. It also is one of the best love stories ever written. It’s clever, funny, charming and very heartfelt. I was sorry to see it end after only an hour or so. I wanted it to go on forever.

Do yourself and your heart a favour and read IT HAD TO BE US. For isn’t love one of the greatest things to read about?

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