Lisey’s Story by Stephen King

28 Feb


As I read Lisey’s Story by Stephen King, I am reminded why I love King’s work so much. It is constantly changing, constantly evolving. Each book is a different experiment. Each book is a different tale; yet no two are the same.

King has gone beyond the horror genre with Lisey’s Story and written a, dare I say it, literary masterpiece. Its part horror, part love story, part tribute to a woman’s husband. It’s part creepshow, part romance and absolutely unclassifiable. King has written a novel that, while hard to classify, has a heart that beats at its centre.I keep wanting to speed forward while reading Lisey’s Story.

Normally, when I read a Stephen King book, I can zip through it in two to three days; regardless of size. I just can’t do that with this one, the words won’t let me. King’s prose is so beautiful, so melodic, it’s impossible to speed through, it’s impossible to read as fast as I normally do.It feels like I’m drinking in the words, drinking in the story.

It feels like I’m dancing with Lisey, floating through her flashbacks, her dealings with Zack McCool. But the dance has a dark edge to it, as if my partner will drop me on the floor and trod on me with sharp heeled shoes at any moment. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, or the bottom to fall out.Because I know it’s coming.

In the end, no matter how beautiful the novel is, I know it’s a Stephen King novel and that something grim is going on, something darker is waiting at the edges of my vision for it’s turn to float onto the page like a dark shadow.

It’s just a matter of waiting for it, wading my way through Kings most literary effort yet, and waiting for the monster to show its face.

I don’t understand the many negative reviews for Lisey’s Story. I just don’t get it. This novel is beautiful, heartbreaking and mesmerizing; what’s not to like? I think those who don’t like it are just expecting King to shovel out one more horror book after another; they don’t want to give him a chance to try anything different, anything beautiful.

To the naysayer’s, I say: read it again. Take off the blinders and slip into Boo’ya Moon. Your stay will be far more enjoyable with an open mind and a heart that bleeds.

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