Plum Lovin’ by Janet Evanovich

28 Feb


Recently, I had the immense delight of reading Plum Lovin’ by Janet Evanovich! I’ve been waiting for this book to come out for what seems like ages, but it really hasn’t been that long. But still, when you desire a book it seems like forever.
I had such fun reading the book, but there is one HUGE problem with it. It’s TOO SHORT!

Plum Lovin’ is a Valentine’s Day novella that takes place between the numbers of the other Stephanie Plum novels. This one takes place between Twelve Sharp and the forthcoming Lean Mean Thirteen.

There are some negative reviews of this little novella, but I don’t think the negative Nancy’s and I were reading the same book; Plum Lovin’ was an absolute riot!

Diesel, who last appeared in Visions of Sugar Plums (the Christmas novella that goes between Hard Eight and To the Nines) and he needs her help again: Annie Hart, a bond jumper, is being tracked by an Unmentionable. She’s also a big ticket bond for Stephanie.

Diesel gives Stephanie an ultimatum: help him track down the man after her and he’ll give her Annie Hart. Except there’s a catch: Annie Hart is a relationship expert; Stephanie must make sure that everyone in Annie’s files has a happy Valentine’s Day.

The people Stephanie has to help are lovelorn and desperate: an overworked single mother, a shy butcher, an older woman who’s afraid of sex and her sister’s boyfriend Albert who’s afraid of marriage. The results when Stephanie decides to play Cupid are hilarious and this is one Valentine’s Day caper that I’m going to have to read a few more times.

I don’t understand the negative reviews myself. Sure, it’s short, but it’s a novella. And it’s freaking hilarious! I finished it in two days and laughed myself silly through most of it.

One memorable scene includes Stephanie’s grandmother and lip injections. Great stuff, hilarious!My only major complaint is that I WANT MORE. Sigh.
I guess I’m just going to have to read Plum Lovin’ again a few more times and take another spin with Twelve Sharp until Lean Mean Thirteen comes out in June.

This visit with Stephanie Plum may have been short this time around, but man was it worth it!


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