Crosscut by Meg Gardiner

1 Mar


Thanks to Stephen King, I have just started what promises to be one of the best mystery novels I have read, ever. I am a long time lover of mystery novels and have devoured anything from Agatha Christie and Sue Grafton to Minette Walters and Janet Evanovich.

The other day, I picked up a copy of Entertainment Weekly. I always buy the magazine when Stephen King’s colum is in the back. I just love his observations on pop culture. In the recent article he talked about the author Meg Gardiner.

Gardiner writes the Even Delaney mystery series. She’s published in the UK and not in the states, even though she sets her books in California. Stephen King said that she was the next big superstar, even though no one has ever heard of her.

WOW! I thought. That’s quite the endorsement. So I went looking for a Gardiner novel and I found one, the newest out in paperback called Crosscut. Am I ever glad I did. I was lucky enough to find it for $2.99 plus taxes, but I would have paid full price for it. 

 Crosscut starts with a bang and keeps going. I’m only forty pages into it and started it last night but can’t wait to find out what happens. In Crosscut, Evan Delany goes to her high school reunion at China Lake, only to find out that thirteen of her classmates have dies in seemingly natural causes.  

But then others start dying one by one and it’s up to Evan to find out who’s doing what before she becomes the next victim.  This is fantastic stuff and thus far a wonderful read.

If you haven’t read a Gardiner book, what are you waiting for? Pick up Crossucts or one of the other four novels. You won’t regret it.


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