How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

5 Mar


I started this book the other night looking for something different to read; boy is it ever! It’s a stunningly beautiful work that his harrowing but gorgeous.

Fifteen year old Daisy goes to live with her cousins in England after her fathers new wife grows tired of her. Despondant, Daisy is sad at leaving New York, but when she arrives in England, she finds comfort in her cousins and her Aunt. She starts to form a life for herself and adapts to her new surroundings.

But there is trouble on the horizion. The New War has come and the country is thrown into turmoil. Bombs go off and her Aunt is unable to come back to care for them. They only have themselves, and must learn to survive in a now hostile environment.

Daisy is shocked when she begins to fall in love with her cousin Edmond. She is further shocked when he returns her love. Their love, though unusual, helps them survive in a barren place where they only have each other.

This book is incredible! It’s written in a roaming narrivite with no quotations around speech so you can really get into Daisy’s head; indeed, it’s as if she’s talking right to you.

I know that I’ll finish this in under two days; it’s big print and not too long so I will be done all too quickly. Thankfully, I have her second novel Just In Case ready to go.

If you haven’t read HOW I LIVE NOW, pick it up. It’s one of those books that blind sides you and shows you what good fiction is all about.


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