AMuse Me by S. L. Carpenter

9 Mar


What do you do if your writing has lost its passion?  When the heat of your words has dulled from a steamy hot inferno to the fluttering flame of a match?


Eugune has been writing steamy romances under the name of Dorris Daye for years and his last few books have not done very well at all. They’ve lacked the passion of his earlier works; the spontaneity, the fire has fizzled out. The heat that made his earlier books so good has fled and Eugune is left with only writer’s block for company.


Eugune decides that a change of scenery is in order and that somewhere exotic might just fit the bill. He heads to Aruba, the land of sun, sea and skin. There, he meets the ravishing Miranda, the woman of his fantasies.


It also doesn’t hurt that he spies her reading one of his books. On impulse, he tells her about his alter ego, Dorris Daye and his writers block problems. She tells him that, in order to get the life and the passion back into his writing, he ought to experience some of his fantasies in real life.


Miranda and Eugune start to explore each other in ways that Eugune had only dreamed possible and pretty soon he is writing again fueled by the red hot passion that flows between them.  They share a heat that Eugune has never experienced before; except in his novels. Eugune feels that Miranda is most likely is Muse. How else can he explain the urge to write again?


But what happens when the vacation in Aruba is over and they both have to go back to Aruba? Will their passion continue or will they ever see each other again?


A Muse Me is one hot read. It’s also one hell of a book. The characters are incredibly likeable and the story is quick, passionate and fantastic. The only problem with this book is that it’s too short! I would have loved to read a longer adventure featuring Miranda and Eugune.


What I loved about this book is that the hero isn’t your typical man, but a man who writes romances, a man in touch with what women want; he just doesn’t know how to give it to them. And Miranda is a saucy femme with a sense of humor that had me laughing out loud in several spots.


I love the idea of bringing fantasy into reality, of exploring passion and letting yourself go. The sex scenes are incredible too. There’s one scene in an elevator that will blow your socks (and maybe your pants) right off. Carpenter writes with a deft hand and a good eye for observation. The scenes are funny, hot and passionate and you find yourself wishing for more; or maybe for a man like Eugune.


I’ve already read this book twice and I can say hands down that it’s one of the best romances I’ve read. It rivals anything written by Nora Roberts or Diana Palmer and the writing is ten times better. You don’t get cardboard cutouts; you get real people experiencing passion that just melts the page.


I know I’ll be looking for more books written by S. L. Carpenter in the future and I will devour each and every one. I give this book 5 out of 5 Muses.


It’s so hot, it’s on fire.


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