A Touch of Magic by Cassandra Kane

12 Mar


Beginnings: A Touch of MagicCassandra Kane  Samhain Publishing  October, 2006Romance/Science Fiction Reviewed for The Gotta Write Network at www.gottawritenetwork.com/

The year is 2561.7 The planet Samhain has been home to mystery for years. Apparently habitable, several scouting missions have been sent to the planet on the edge of the Ekabadian solar system only to disappear and never return.  

Heading the latest reconnaissance mission, Tirana Albaster has two directives: inspect the planet to see if it is ready for colonization and find the missing scouts from the previous mission. This being Tirana’s first time heading a mission, she wishes for as little as possible to go wrong.  She does not count on Colonel Stodd Orsen, however. A womanizer and a man with a love for violence, the mission soon goes array. When Tirana and Orsen stumble upon a group of robed people surrounding a fire and holding a gorgeous man captive, the last thing Tirana wants to do is disturb them. But Orsen opens fire, scattering the robed figures.  

Tirana is hurt in the crossfire but she is saved by Lorne, a man more beautiful than she has ever seen. His eyes seem to look right into her soul and when he kisses her, sparks fly between them. He takes her into the centre of the planet and tells her of his people. They worship the Goddess Lilath but there are others, the Priests, who threaten the world and worship an untrue God.  Tirana listens with rapt attention unable to ignore the love that is growing in her for Loren. She is shocked to learn that others are alive, from previous scouting missions, and that she can join them; but she must become one of the True People and become touched by Magic.  

Will Tirana give into her passion and love Lorne? Will she dance with magic and become one of the True People? Before she can make her choice, Orsen finds her and threatens all that she holds dear. She will need all of her strength if she and Lorne are to survive…. I am normally not one for science fiction. I find the genre tired and dry and little has been done to revive it. It’s as if the computer just keeps playing the same old program. Well, with A Touch of Magic, the genre just got a whole new boot disc! This novel was fantastic and, coming from someone who doesn’t like science fiction at all, that’s saying something.  

It breathes fresh life into a genre but also into an old myth as well. The followers of Lilith have been in myths and legends since the beginning of time. Now their story, their spirituality, are given a new spin that is so believable, you could swear that Kane was there to witness everything.  Tirana and Lorne are great leading characters. Tirana is tough and no nonsense but she does have a heart to. Her internal debate about whether or not to trust Lorne was so wonderfully written and heartfelt, you will ache with her. Lorne is equally amazing as the leading man; mysterious and full of myths and legend, the mysteries surrounding him will make you fall in love with his character.  

A Touch of Magic is a wonderful story. It’s sexually charged, passionate and incredibly lyrical. It’s also beautifully written. I give the story 4 out of 5 Lilath’s. The only reason it doesn’t get full marks is because it was too darn short.  I could have lived in this world forever.


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