Hunters Pride by Shiloh Walker

21 Mar


Years ago, Kennedy almost died on Pride Mountain.

She remembers running for her life from a man who was supposed to protect her. Brutally assaulted, beaten and close to death, Kennedy fully expected her step father to kill her. But something happened.



Something saved her that day; something huge and cat like. Kennedy remembers only a flash of fur, golden eyes and a cry that, though cat like, sounds vaguely human. She remembers nothing else, no matter how hard she searches her memory.

And now, fourteen years later, she is searching for answers. Kennedy returns to Pride Mountain after the death of her foster parents to find out more about the cats that saved her, to dig deep into the mystery of her past. She doesn’t know it, but the answers she needs are closer than she thinks.

Duncan Pride saved Kennedy that day and marked her as his. Able to change shape at will, he is a shifter who can take the form of a large cougar. He knows that Kennedy is trying to find out about the cats she saw that day, all those years ago. But Duncan must stop her from prying too much. He must protect his Pride at all costs.



What he doesn’t count on is falling in love with Kennedy. Against his better judgment, he indulges himself and explores the passion between Kennedy and himself. But if Duncan is not careful, he will risk more than the Pride’s exposure. He may be risking their lives…



This is the first romance I’ve read by Walker and all I can say is she has a new fan. Hunters Pride was fantastic from start to finish and I have only one minor complaint: it’s too short! Just as I got involved in Kennedy and Duncan’s story, the novel ended on a satisfying climax.



What I loved most about Hunters Pride, aside from its paranormal elements, were the characters. Kennedy is a strong willed woman who will not let obstacles stand in her way to getting the answers she needs.
Duncan is also wonderful; he’s sensitive but tough and isn’t afraid of doing what he needs to do to protect his Pride, his family.



While Hunters Pride doesn’t have a lot of sex, it has just enough to make the story spicy, delicious and wonderful. The focus here is really on Kennedy and Duncan; on her search for answers and Duncan following his heart. Though there is plenty of sex here to satisfy even the most picky romance reader, Walker instead looks more at the characters. This is almost unheard of in a romance novel and I applaud her for it.



Hunters Pride is funny, charming, fast and furious and you’ll be spellbound until the story’s shocking twist ending. Walker writes better paranormal romance than Christine Feehan and Nora Roberts put together and I, for one, can’t wait for her next adventure.



I give Hunters Pride five out of five cats! This is an excellent read and you won’t want to miss one fantastic word. Walker can indeed take pride in this novel and the fans she is sure to win with this fantastic story.

Reviewed for The Gotta Write Network. Click here to view their site.


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