A Collection of Love, Pleasure and Pain by Corlis

12 Jun



Everyone wants love.


People crave love, desire love, need love. Some obsess over it; some dream of it. Some are even consumed by it. There are all kids of love in the world and with love, there is always pleasure.


But pleasure can bring you something else. Something darker that speaks to you in the shadows. Corlis knows what speaks there, what whispers to us as our pleasure crosses that very thin line and becomes something else altogether.


The sweet kiss of pain.


In A Collection of Love, Pleasure and Pain, Corlis Martin has crafted five glorious stories, each more different and shocking than the last. Each use love, pleasure and pain as a theme within the story. Pressed together, crammed within one hundred and seventy pages, the passion seems frantic and hot. Inviting but dangerous.


In the title story, Love Pleasure and Pain, we are shown just how far Christine will go to get revenge on the boyfriend who raped her. And what happens when she gives into her passion as she flees to another city aboard a rocking, rollicking train?


In The Absence of Pleasure, Jon Paul has left his lover Bradley after twelve years. Not able to admit his homosexuality to himself or to the world, Jon Paul leaves Bradley never knowing what consequences his actions will have.


In When Only Love Remains, Monique catches Mark, her husband to be, in bed with another woman. She has a hot night of passion with him, her jealousy inflamed, but realizes she must make a choice. Can she live without the man she loves more than anything in the world?


Corlis has written a patchwork quilt of lust, sex and violence. I will freely admit that I was made uncomfortable by almost all the stories in this gripping collection. At first I was really put off by this but then, something occurred to me: what is comfort but an absence of pain?


After that, I was able to read the stories in a new way, one that let me see into a world where pain and pleasure mix and swirl like a good red wine with a smoky aroma. Though I was uncomfortable, I needed to read more. The stories got into my blood and wouldn’t let go.


Though A Collection of Love, Pleasure and Pain isn’t for everyone, it is a gripping read. My only major complaint was that it could have done with some basic editing. But don’t let that stop you from reading what is sure to be the most engaging, sensual, disturbingly erotic book that I have read in years.


Pick it up and read it. You might just have to examine where you draw your own lines between pleasure and pain but you’ll enjoy every minute.


One Response to “A Collection of Love, Pleasure and Pain by Corlis”

  1. xlaurax June 12, 2007 at 9:54 am #

    Sounds good. Might like to read it, I think.

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