Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

20 Jun

Danielle has been stealing things for as long as she can remember.

At eighteen years of age, Danielle isn’t your average young adult. After her father got put in jail for theft, she and her mother have led a nomad life style. They go from place to place, stealing to make their way. Thieves don’t always look like you think they should.

Danielle is tired, though. Tired of living a life where nothing is hers, where she is constantly on the move. Tired of lying about her name, her background, tired of pretending to be someone she isn’t.

She longs for what every other young adult takes for granted: a home to call her own. Her own room. Her own possessions. She longs for a life that doesn’t include thieving, making money off of someone else’s misfortune. Danielle wonders if her life is ever going to change.

That change comes when she and her mother make a stop in the small tourist town called Heaven.

There, Danielle begins to get a glimpse of what it would be like to have a normal life, to be a normal girl. And when she meets Greg, her life changes in a big way. Greg is one of Heaven’s cops. And Danielle can feel herself falling in love with him.

Falling for a cop is dangerous but Danielle can’t seem to stop herself. And when disaster strikes, when something terrible happens, Danielle finds herself having to choose between the life that she’s always known or getting the life she’s always wanted…

This was a hands down fantastic read. From the first page, I found myself pulled into Danielle’s story. By page ten, I was hooked. I finished the book in just under two days and wanted to read it all over again.

Scott has given us an incredible narrator in Danielle. Someone that we can relate to right away, someone that we care for within the first few pages of Stealing Heaven. Getting a reader to care about a character so quickly is no small feat, but Scott achieves this with ease and grace.

Instead of the stilted, cardboard cut out characters that one normally gets in most teen fiction, Scott has written characters that are very real, that are alive. While reading Stealing Heaven, it felt as if Heaven was a real place, like I could go visit these people any time I wanted.

Scott has given us an intimate look at a very human struggle, perhaps the greatest What If of all: What if I got everything I wanted but it would cost everything I knew? Stealing Heaven is essentially a study in human nature, at what one girl would do to get everything she desired.

Stealing Heaven is a fast, fantastic read that is sure to become a classic. It won’t take you long to read Stealing Heaven, but it’s story and it’s characters will stay with you long after you finish the book.




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