Voodoo Bones by Melanie Atkins

29 Jun


Detective Matthieu Bergeron has seen his share of violence. After having captured the Bayou Ripper, he is called to a crime scene where his worst fears are brought to life: a dead body is found with the exact same MO as the Bayou Ripper. Did he capture the right man or is the killer a copycat?

The crime scene is in a small apartment above Vous Deux, a small voodoo shop owned by Noel Galliano. Having just moved out on her own to open her own Voodoo shop, Noel is understandably shaken up by the murder.

However, she is more shaken up by Detective Mattheiu Bergeron. Instantly attracted to him, she tries to put her feelings aside. The killer must be caught before there can even be the thought of a relationship.

Matthieu, for his part, tries to focus on the investigation but can’t get Noel out of his head. It has been a long time since he’s been so attracted to a woman and Noel fascinates him. His feelings for her are put into overdrive when the killer returns to the apartment above Vous Deux and leaves a few presents for Noel.

One of the presents is a Voodoo Doll with a picture of her face tacked on the front. Matthieu vows to protect Noel from the killer who has now made her a target. But while protecting her, can he protect his heart?

Or will they both give into the passion that surrounds them?

Voodoo Bones is one hell of a read. From the first page, you’re pulled into Melanie Atkins wonderful story. It’s filled with delightful twists and turns and has a surprise ending that you won’t see coming.

Atkins’ has written a strong police procedural that is both riveting and fast paced. This is something hard to do. Most procedurals come off dry and boring, but Atkins has added a touch of Voodoo to spice things up.

She’s also given us characters to care about. Matthieu is flawed but focused, Noel beautiful yet down to earth. From the moment you meet them, you care about her characters, you feel for these people and you want them to get together.

I loved the character of Ayana. A Voodoo practitioner, she came across as eccentric, wonderful and simply fantastic. I loved her to pieces. She was a lovely dash of Southern charm and a treat to meet within the pages of Voodoo Bones. The one thing that I loved most about her was that, even though the practices Voodoo, the character is never over the top. Atkins makes her more real because of that.

I finished off Voodoo bones in less than a day and I was sorry to see the end of it. The characters are wonderful, the danger very real and the romance hot and sensual. If you’re looking for a great book to read for Summer, make sure that Voodoo Bones is at the top of your to be read pile.

It’s one hell of a book that leaves you wanting more.


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