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Choices Meant for Kings by Sandy Lender

10 Aug



When we first met Amanda Chariss, she was on the run from a madman.

Evil sorcerer Jamieson Drake has been chasing Chariss since she was a young child, with hopes of one day possessing her for his own. Chariss, with the protection of her Wizard Hrazon, knows that one day she must kill Drak or be killed.

Chariss has the geasa, magic older than time, and she must use it if she and the people of Onweald are to stay alive. She knows that her time of battle is coming and that the battle is soon.

Drake has enlisted the help of a Dragon who now walks in the human form of Julette. Older than time itself, she uses Drake like a pawn. She has her own plans, her own agenda and knows that she must help Drake to get what she wants. Of course, the fact that she is a Goddess doesn’t hurt either.

When Choices Meant for Kings opens, Juliette has traveled to the distant lands of Lorendell to visit with King Vrel Wendan. She wants the Dreorfahn army for her use so that she can conquer northern Onweald. She wants to take them for her own. But there is more going on than meets the eye.

There is a prophecy in place. When Jake Taiman and Tiaha Wold marry, Juliette’s powers will increase and she will be more powerful than ever. Powerful enough to do away with Drake once and for all.

Amanda Chariss is now the Protector of the Master, God of Onweald. After questioning the corrupt Emperor, he admits that the Dragon Juliette has plans to conquer Onweald. Chariss knows that she must once again do all that she can to protect the land, and the Master, that she loves so much.

But something goes horribly wrong…

Choices Menat for Kings is an absolutley amazing book. It’s no mere book but instead it is a piece of word art that leaves you breathless. Instead of thread, Sandy Lender uses words to weave her tapestry and the results will leave you breathless.

When I read Sandy Lenders first novel in the trilogy, Choices Meant for Gods, I was held spellbound. I normally can’t stand the genre of high fantasy; I find it dry and tedious. But Sandy Lender’s gorgeous first novel re-invented a tired genre and helped me to believe in magic again.

I wondered how she would follow up such an incredible debut. The answer is with a huge, resounding bang. The middle novels in trilogies tend to be dry fodder, making the middle book boring and redundant. Not so with Choices Meant for Kings. If it’s possible, there is even more action, more romance, more suspense than the first novel. Sandy Lender has avoided the middle book blues and given us a second book in a trilogy that truly sings.

I was hooked from the first page of Choices Meant for Kings and couldn’t put it down. I felt like I was there with Amanda, Nigel and Hrazon, so vivid is the world that Lender has created. I lived with them, breathed with them and felt my heart race with their adventures.

Not only is Choices Meant for Kings an incredible love story but it’s also one of the most amazing high fantasy novels that I have read in years. It’s simply that good. Do yourself a favour and read Choices Meant for Kings.

You won’t regret it.


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