Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Philips

14 Nov




What would happen if the Greek Gods of myth actually existed? What would happen if the Gods lived among us? How would they exist? What would they do? And would people still believe in them?

This is the premise for Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Philips. 

The novel is a sheer delight and has cured me of my book reading blues. It tells the story of what would happen if all the former gods were forgotten and lived amongst mortals.

There’s Artemis, Goddess of hunting, now a dog walker. Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty, now a phone sex operator. There’s Apollo, God of the Sun, now a cheesy telephone physic. Zeus is bedridden and is guarded by Hera. Persephone lives in the Underworld with Hades, finding live above ground tiresome.

All the Greek Gods of myths gone by are still alive. But their power is dwindling. They are growing older and, Artemis fears, they may soon dies. So they live in a dilapidated old house, existing for hundreds of years, bored by their life.  

All that changes, however, when a cleaner named Alice comes into their lives and turns them all upside-down in a heartbeat….

Gods Behaving Badly is one of the most amazingly funny books I have read all year. Not only is it a tale supremely told, it’s a interesting look at the way we interact with each other and how others, immortals lets say, would perceive us.

It’s also a heck of a fun read and, suffice it to say that it’s one of the best novels I’ve ever read. It’s funny, charming, delightful and, somehow, makes those divine being seem incredibly human.

If you haven’t picked up your copy, please do. It will satisfy any reader and leave you wanting more from the talented, wonderful Marie Philips.


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