Androgynous Murder House Party by Steven Rigolosi

10 Sep




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Robin Anders is dissatisfied with life. An independently wealthy person and an incredible snob, Robin wonders if this shambles of an existence can be called a life?

Hoping to alleviate the boredom, Robin agrees to the requests of Lee, an ex lover, and opens up the Long Island estate house that has been closed for some time. They will have a weekend party and everyone will come: Lee, Alex, Chris, Law and J. The weekend will be fun, they promise; it’ll be lovely.

Robin wonders if the party is a good idea; after all, isn’t it asking too much of someone to tolerate friends who are also charlatans and entertain them at the same time?

But, despite better judgement, Robin agrees. Robin hopes the weekend will go quickly, that it will not be too horrible. Thankfully Robin has a very large supply of pills and alcohol to help numb the tediousness.

Lee agrees to inform everyone and Robin will get the house ready. Robin gets everything she needs for the weekend party from an ad in the back page of The Clarion, a local newspaper. Robin is even able to rent live peacocks to strut outside the house. Nothing is as grand as a peacock.

But when Robin arrives at the Long Island estate, things go from bad to worse. A chandelier in Robin’s bedroom falls to the floor; it would have crushed Robin to a blood pulp had Robin entered a second earlier.

Other weird things begin to happen, each of them a near death experience where Robin could have died. Thankfully, Robin survives each of these transgressions by taking a lot of pills. Even if one is shaken on the inside, one must appear calm on the outside.

Robin does begin to wonder, however, if someone means to do her in. Robin wonders if one of her friends means to commit murder, with Robin as the intended victim?

When Lee is found dead, Robin knows that there is something suspicious going on and that one of the people in their group is a murderer. Robin decides to investigate, to find out who amongst them is a killer, stepping directly into the line of fire.

But there is a bigger mystery than murder afoot that the reader will have to try to figure out on their own: Are Robin, Lee, Alex, Chris, Law and J men or women? Gay or straight? There is only one way to find out…

Let me say two things right off: First, Androgynous Murder House Party is an incredible book. It kept me guessing from page one until the very last page. Androgynous Murder House Party is the third book in Rigolosi’s Tales From the Back Page Series and each book just keeps getting better!

Secondly, Rigolosi should be heralded and commended for writing Androgynous Murder House Party. It was incredibly hard to write this review without giving anything away. I’ve never realized how hard it was to write something without gender and that’s just a review. I can only guess at how hard it was for Rigolosi to write an entire book without giving away who was who and what was what.

Aside from being a top notch mystery, Androgynous Murder House Party is an incredible feat of word craft that left me breathless. Not only is it a book written completely without gender, it is also a very tongue in cheek portrayal of the upper class or the very rich.

It’s a wonderfully sardonic and very funny glimpse into a portion of society that most people would rather avoid. Rigolosi manages to pull off the tone and cadence of Robin’s voice perfectly.

Not only is Androgynous Murder House Party an incredible mystery, it’s also a perfect tongue in cheek portrayal of a society and its people. Even better, it presents the reader with an even bigger mystery to solve that of gender.

Steven Rigolosi has once again reinvented the mystery genre with his best book yet. Androgynous Murder House Party is funny, sarcastic, fresh and edgy. If you read one book this year, make sure that it’s Androgynous Murder House Party. You won’t regret it.

But if you do, send your regrets now. Or regret it later…


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