Whisper of Souls by Michelle Zink

6 Jul


When I first opened Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink, I had no idea that the book and the two following it would leave me changed forever. I don’t mean that lightly. Prophecy of the Sisters, Guardian of the Gate and Circle of Fire are beyond amazing because the emotion and depth of the characters are so real, so palpable, that it reached right down into me and grabbed hold, never to let go.

I hadn’t been so emotionally involved in a series since Harry Potter, but the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy affected me more deeply, more permanently. The trilogy grabbed hold and, during the wait between the books, the characters haunted me and stayed with me. When I read the final page of Guardian of the Gate, I was blissfully, completely shattered.

It hurt to let go of that world, to know that I would never read about Lia and Alice and their world again. I missed them so much that I read the trilogy a second time and it was just as good as the first time around if not better, because I knew them now. Alice and Lia were part of me. I yearned for their world, for Lia’s words on the page as if she were talking only to me.

Imagine my surprise and delight when Michelle Zink announced that she had written a trilogy of novellas that would look at different parts of the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy that had never before been revealed. Though I was in the middle of one book, I immediately bought the first of the new trilogy, Whisper of Souls, and devoured it in almost one sitting.

Before Lia and Alice, before the events that took place in the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy, another struggle was taking place. Lia and Alice’s mother, Adelaide and her twin sister Ginny waged their own battle against the Lost Souls and against Samael. While Ginny was the Guardian, Adelaide was the Gate, the living portal through which Samael and the Lost Souls could pass through into the mortal world.

Adelaide knows that she must not let the Souls through that she must not succumb to Samael and the allure of the astral plane she travels while she is asleep. She knows that she must stay rooted in the physical world, in the world that includes her husband Thomas and her children Lia, Alice and Henry.

The allure of the plane is growing stronger and more often than not, she excuses herself from her physical world to travel in the Otherworld. She is afraid to admit, even to herself, that the fear she feels when faced with the Lost Souls or Samael’s growing call is mixed with a heady dose of anticipation.

Adelaide wants to let go and give into the whisper of the souls, even knowing that her mortal body would die and she would be lost to her husband and children in the afterlife. She struggles to maintain a foothold in both worlds, despite the strain.

However, when Samael gives her an ultimatum, Adelaide knows she can fight no longer, that she must make her own choice.

A choice that will shape the lives of her daughters, bound to the Prophecy of Sisters as Adelaide and her sister Ginny are. It is a choice that will change the fates of everyone she loves and only she can choose…

I absolutely loved Whisper of Souls. Though only fifty four pages, Zink packs a whole novel’s worth of emotion and depth into its pages. During the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy, I thought Lia and Alice’s mother weak for making the choice she did and leaving her daughters in the predicament that is dealt with throughout the books.

However, after reading Whisper of Souls, it gives the original trilogy a new depth. Adelaide wasn’t weak at all, merely conflicted, distraught and stronger than she gave herself credit for. Now, instead of a mother that left her children to their fate, Adelaide will forever be a woman who made the ultimate sacrifice for her children and for the world itself.

Michelle Zink has written a novella that adds to an already rich and incredible mythology. Whisper of Souls left me wanting more. Thankfully we won’t have long to wait until the second novella in the new trilogy, Mistress of Souls, which comes out later this month followed by Rise of Souls in early July.

Whisper of Souls is haunting, harrowing and fulfilling in every way and I can’t wait to read it again for a second time.


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